Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cochise and Luna Counties

1959 we moved from Lubbock Texas, an Apache hunting ground, to
Cochise County Arizona, home to the Athabascan culture for 5000 years
i learned to say Chiricahua and then to climb their sacred mountains
3 years later we moved to Luna County New Mexico, these are the Florida Mountains viewed from the tail end of the Mimbres River, the Mimbres culture, located north of here, began 3000 years earlier and they made amazing pottery. 1971, my senior year of high school, we moved to Alvin, halfway between Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, far away, in every sense, from the dry isolated expansive desert. 
July 2014, 5 days in Santa Fe ^ my Apache Spirit was reborn

 artwork created in anticipation of returning to new mexico 44 years after leaving. growing up, the only art i saw was in tiny 1 room history museums and roadside curio shops and was almost always created by the Apache, Mimbres, or Navajo people ^ my love and attachment to their culture and artwork had been repressed and I now went into a full blown rediscovery mode ^ waking up that buried self
sacred sand painting
acrylic on canvas 7x9'

sacred sand painting
acrylic on canvas 7x8'

sacred pictographs and petroglyphs
acrylic on canvas 7x8'
2 small watercolors on paper based on pictographs and petroglyphs

i like making mocs ^ here's child and newborn
Navajo flute players on pottery

Friday, August 8, 2014


7 bamboo poles and drawing mats

inside getting out of the sun

back has snake spiral

at night
tipi opened wide 

tying the poles

music makers

rattles made from recycled plastic bottles and beads

drum ~ insignia from my grandfathers wwi unit

drum sticks with felt ~ wool ~ leather